Festival season may be reaching its twilight, but Escape Music Festival is keeping the dream alive through fall, with their two day extravaganza popping off October 11th-12th on Pier 9 in Brooklyn and the entire lineup now fully revealed. To get you warmed up, we’re getting involved the only way we know how: with a rad as hell preparty September 18th at Popshop NYC. Topping the marquee at Westway are none other than our hometown heroes, ASTR, lighting up the stage with their space age swagger, plus freshly-added support from LA’s finest Conway and local heatseeker VÉRITÉ. Advance tickets now available HERE, let’s go big for this one New York.


Each new Cathedrals single appears on the scene as distinctive as a pane of stained glass – intricate, intrinsically coherent, simultaneously translucent and deep – and now we’ve got the fifth and final piece of gorgeous geometry to complete the crown of their debut EP. Living up to its name, “In The Dark” has our favorite West Coast duo playing James Bond with the lights out: a sinister guitar sings out sky high and electric against the pedal-to-the-metal slink of the backbeat, as the bass steamrolls forward like it’s on a secret mission and vocalist Brodie Jenkins hits the perfect sweet spot between secret agent “Toxic” pop and Phantogram‘s recent output.

Like everything we’ve ever heard from Cathedrals, it’s as sui generis as it is reminiscent of all that you’ve been missing, and luckily the wait’s almost over for our September 8th release of the band’s eponymous EP (preorder the deep purple 10″ vinyl HERE). But if those preorders can’t keep you sated, you’re in luck: the full EP is streaming on Spotify a week early now with a stunning acoustic version of “Want My Love” sweetening the deal even further. Lose yourself “In The Dark” below, and stream the EP in its entirety HERE.


After taking the internet by storm last year with a slew of sensational originals (not to mention show-stopping features for Flume and Snakehips), George Maple returns to the limelight where she belongs this week with brand new single “Talk Talk”. Stepping out as the newly coronated leading lady of the Future Classic family, George – née Jess Higgs - lays her heavensent vocals atop blissfully atomic, pulsing production that propels the track forward with a relentless gravity. Get very familiar below, and brace yourself for this and MUCH more from her forthcoming Vacant Space EP, coming in hot on Future Classic next month.


We’ve loved HAERTS since St. Lucia first played us “Wings” behind closed doors a lifetime ago, and their Hemiplegia EP endures as one of our favorite records ever to bear the Neon Gold crest on its hide. So it’s with great pride that we unveil their latest – and quite possibly greatest – single effort today with “Giving Up”. Featuring Nini’s vocals soaring higher than ever over a driving, interstellar backbeat, it’s builds slowly but surely throughout its four minute run, eventually climaxing in a shoutalong middle eight for the ages. The lyric video above provides an alluringly perfect mood piece for the track, as HAERTS bare their soul (and a whole lot of skin) for their finest offering to date. Give in below.


Wolf Gang are one of our favorite gangs around, having ably demonstrated an increasing penchant for the epic, stadium-sized anthems befitting of a band who spent much of last year on the road supporting Coldplay in arenas all over the continent. Today, they return with possibly their biggest offering to date, with a lighters-in-the-air number called “Lay Your Love Down” that make it easy to envision the four-piece headlining arenas of their own in the not-too-distant future. Riding a gallant piano progression and a galloping kickback, the track finds Max at his most Chris Martin, that time spent on the road together clearly paying dividends here. Lay into it below, and catch Wolf Gang out on tour with Sir Sly on a Neon Gold all-star run for the ages next month.


Neon Gold makes its maiden voyage Down Under next week for this year’s BIGSOUND conference, and you better believe Airling‘s damn near the top of our list of homegrown talents to check out during our stay. We’ve been all about the honey-throated Australian chanteuse since she first strongarmed us with the silky-smooth hypnotism of debut singles “Ouroboros” and “The Runner”. And this week, she returns with the latest offering from her forthcoming debut EP in “Wasted Pilots,” another 90′s R&B slow-burner that soars gently through your consciousness like a faraway jetliner marking its path across a twilight sky. Keep an eye out for the Love Gracefully EP dropping September 19th, preorder available now from our friends at Pieater HERE.


Monarchy released one of the finest singles of the year with “Living Without You” last spring, and now they’re back with another out-of-this-world space heater on “Almost Human”. As it warms up and floods you with layers upon layers of vocoded harmonies, gradually introducing understated synth tones and falling comet synths as it swells towards its conclusion, Monarchy take things to “Hide And Seek” levels of future-perfect emotion that would make Imogen proud. And if you’ve got a flair for the cinematic, Monarchy are also hosting a competition to make their next music video for “Almost Human” with a cash money prize, all talented humans welcome.


We first met Fiona Grey one late NYC night last autumn with Kitten and Charli XCX, so we already knew she was good people, but little did we know she was something of a star in her own right. Today we’re here to talk about Fiona’s own “Beauty Queen”, a heartfelt lowrider that woos its way into your teen dream heart like a rebellious cross between Lorde and Christina Aguilera, with melodic shades of INOJ‘s “Love You Down” thrown in for good measure. “Beauty Queen” is the lead track off Grey’s just-released Belladonna EP, tuck into it below.


VÉRITÉ‘s been all up on our radar in a big way since unleashing debut single “Heartbeat” and sophomore stunner “Strange Enough” on the world earlier this year, but today marks a quantum leap to the next level with her latest offering “Weekend”. Revving to life like an open-road Lana heartbreaker racing down dimly lit streets, it steadily picks up steam as it transforms into an absolute belter of alt pop escapism that feels entirely her own. From the teen dream lyrics to its skywriter synths and supercharged vocals, “Weekend” is one of the best unsigned records you’ll hear all year, and yet another reason we’re quite sure that VÉRITÉ is the absolute truth and then some. Fall in love below and catch VÉRITÉ making her hotly-anticipated live debut with ASTR at Popshop next month, advance tickets still available HERE.


Our girl Charli XCX comes through with the drop-out anthem of the decade on new single “Break The Rules”, and continues to break new ground in her candy-coated pop oeuvre with the video this week. It’s technicolor big screen pop perfection, lovingly name-checking and tongue-in-cheeking all our favorite high school movie tropes, from Jawbreaker to Carrie and everything in between, featuring cameos from Kitten and Rose McGowan herself along the way. It’s a pop culture crash course and the first of many heavy hitters to come from Charli’s forthcoming sophomore full-length, Sucker, blazing onto your stereos October 21st on Neon Gold / Atlantic (preorder HERE).