Ladies and gentlemen, Clock Opera is back. The esteemed London quartet return with their second step back into the limelight after a few seasons away from the game today and, as is often the case with this lot, the wait’s been ever so worth it. Following up their magnum opus debut Ways To Forget and last year’s comeback offering, “Changeling”, new single “In Memory” is an unforgettable return to form with all the weight-of-the-world gravitas, swelling cinematic grandeur and dark conviction that Clock have made themselves known for. Brace yourself for their second full length coming in hot and heavy this summer.


oysterkidsThere must be something in that Pacific water. After announcing their arrival in grand fashion late last year with their mischievous debut on “Creepy”, LA duo Oyster Kids return today with easy breezing new single, “Lips”. All top back cruising-down-the-405 vibes, it’s sunny alt pop with a citrus twist and shades of both Gotye and Foster The People, which you know we’re not mad at. Get familiar below.



SXSW is so close we can taste the endless BBQ and branded #content already. This year, we’re going larger than ever and teaming up with our friends at Nylon for yet another double trouble two stage extravaganza featuring the best new talent from all over the world. Inside, we’ve got UK prodigiesDeclan McKenna and Will Joseph Cook starting things off early, before LA darlings Partybaby and XYLØ kick things to high gear and the inimitable Gryffin closes things out in style with his high octane live set.

Outside, we’ve got familiar faces Savoir Adore, our new girl group pop crush MUNA, Belgium’s finest Oscar & the Wolf, and a one-two Aussie sucker punch of our beloved Tigertown and Vallis Alps before the people’s choice, Jack Garratt, shuts it all down in the headline. It’s all going down next Friday, March 18th, at Empire Garage and Control Room. Entry is first come first serve and limited to badges only, so get down early if you’re looking for pop salvation as these tend to go zero to full capacity real quick.




johanStockholm’s next big thing Johanan returns today with a whole new beast of burden on quantum leap new single “All At Once”. Premiered by Zane Lowe this morning, “All At Once” is an unstoppable genre-bending Scandinavian soul train that rides high on an interstellar Mark Ronson tip, complete with supermassive space horns and mind-altering sonics aplenty. Sounding equal parts familiar and like nothing else out there, it’s a whole new side of the Swedish pop wizard and a big reason he’s one of the hottest tips to break out of By:Larm this weekend. Get reacquainted below.


ggfoooBrooklyn pop sultans Great Good Fine Ok return to our atmosphere today after a hot second in orbit with yet another blissed-out space heater in the form of “Already Love”. As the warp speed synths zoom into focus and awaken your senses, it’s the full movie montage nostalgia moment in the chorus – a little bit Karate Kid, a little bit Free Willy – that lets the dream go on forever. But all this should come as no surprise; it was already love before we even pressed play.


nordWe welcomed Savoir Adore back with open arms last month as “Lovers Wake” and their electrifying Popshop return announced the imminent arrival of their third album The Love That Remains. But this week marks a quantum leap to a whole new level as The Love‘s lead single “Giants” makes its presence known, looming large on the horizon as Savoir’s biggest cut since “Dreamers” set the summer ablaze a few years back. With all the fist-pumping jubilance of a high school movie finale and shades of Magic Man at their finest and classic Passion Pit thrown in for good measure, it has all the hallmarks of an early summer anthem to get the alt radio airwaves buzzing. Get BIG below.


Los Angeles’ Stephen is yet to take a false step. His trio of debut offerings – “Remembering Myself”, “Fly Down” and “Crossfire” – have collectively amassed millions of plays between them since his arrival late last year, and today brings with it the announcement of his debut album, Sincerely Stephen. In step with the LP announcement is semi-title track “Sincerely”, another seismic stunner from the LA sensation. Sincerely Stephen is out April 26th on his own Halfway Home imprint.


Gemini is going places. The UK electronic maestro has been around the world and back since first arriving on the scene of few years back, and 2016 finds him re-emerging fully formed with new single “Time To Share”. Easing in slowly with a heady, strummed intro, it ascends to seismic new heights with an anthemic weight-of-the-world chorus, as pulsing electronics toss and turn beneath the surface. Gemini’s aptly-titled debut LP, Wanderlust, arrives later this year, but for now there’s “Time To Share” and its incredible accompanying video above. Time to share indeed.


vroomIt was only a matter of time before XCX Records became a reality and turned the industry on its head, and today it arrives at last in the form of Vroom Vroom Recordings. “Sharp, potent, deadly” – much like Charli herself – Vroom Vroom brings with it a SOPHIE collaboration of the same name, another “Trophy” for the mantle and brand new offerings from Charli disxcxiples – and Vroom Vroom’s inaugural signees – CuckooLander and RIVRS. Let it ride below.


muuunaMUNA first thawed our hearts with their self-released debut EP back in 2014 and this week they step out with their debut single proper on RCA. With “Winterbreak”, the Los Angeles lady trio heartstring you along with a wintry mix of Chairlift and the ice cold pop of Imogen Heap, with shades of HAIM (naturally) and the new 1975 throughout. Take a break below and keep an eye out for their major label debut EP arriving this spring.

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