Our girl Charli XCX comes through with the drop-out anthem of the decade on new single “Break The Rules”, and continues to break new ground in her candy-coated pop oeuvre with the video this week. It’s technicolor big screen pop perfection, lovingly name-checking and tongue-in-cheeking all our favorite high school movie tropes, from Jawbreaker to Carrie and everything in between, featuring cameos from Kitten and Rose McGowan herself along the way. It’s a pop culture crash course and the first of many heavy hitters to come from Charli’s forthcoming sophomore full-length, Sucker, blazing onto your stereos October 21st on Neon Gold / Atlantic (preorder HERE).


Cathedrals have been our new religion since day one, converting us immediately with their holy trinity of initial singles. Today, we’re very excited to announce the long awaited arrival of their eponymous debut EP on Neon Gold, out digitally and physically (on black grape transparent 10″ vinyl) September 8th to coincide with the band’s LA and San Fran shows that same week. To celebrate the occasion, we’re pulling back the curtain on EP standout “OOO AAA”, perhaps the band’s most impressive effort to date. Constructed from the ground up around an addictive stutter-step vocal chop, the track’s industrial synths and fuzzed-out bass define the band’s darkest, most immense track yet, an impossibly unique offering that puts Cathedrals in a league of their own in the current alternative pop landscape. The five track Cathedrals EP arrives September 8th on Neon Gold, and is yours to preorder now from the Neon Gold Shop HERE. And don’t miss Cathedrals’ LA debut at next month’s Popshop West September 10th with WATERS and Zella Day (tickets HERE), followed by their hometown EP release show the next night co-headlining Popscene with Thomas Barfod at the Rickshaw Stop.


The Knocks turned our whole summer up big style with their feel-good heatwave new single, “Classic”, which dropped to a rapturous reception last week. Hot on the heels of the original (and we didn’t think it could possibly get any hotter), RAC throws his hat in the ring this week with his own alternate reality remix. Like it’s second nature, RAC weaves a gentle tapestry of warm buoyant synths and textural guitar scratches that perfectly complement POWERS‘ Crista Ru’s vocals and wouldn’t feel out of place on his own polished trophy shelf of RAC originals. Stream the remix below, and catch RAC and The Knocks out on tour together this fall.


Our favorite Austiners SPEAK caused a serious stir with shimmering new single “Gates” earlier this summer, followed up by a sun-kissed Ra Ra Riot remix premiered on these very pages. Today, they’re back with a brand new video for “Gates” and it’s a kaleidoscopic trip through New Mexico and the American southwest, filmed and edited by the band themselves while on the road earlier this year. And SPEAKing (we’re so sorry) of the open road, be sure to catch SPEAK frontman Troupe Gammage lending his vocals to RAC‘s live sets on their forthcoming tour with The Knocks this fall.


The Griswolds came and conquered Brooklyn Bowl this past Saturday on the final date of their Cruel Runnings dates with Miniature Tigers, a tour we hosted four shows for that were all pretty damn phenomenal. And now with the release of their debut album Be Impressive cresting over the horizon, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of one of our favorite album cuts, “If You Wanna Stay”, today. As the infectious keys and shoutalong harmonies swallow you whole, it’s a sprightly piano-driven ‘80s romper that’s straight out of Marina’s “Shampain” universe with a Down Under twist. Be Impressive is out this Friday in Australia and next Monday in the US, get your preorder on HERE and tuck into “If You Wanna Stay” below.


Our girl Charli XCX is well on her way to becoming one of the biggest popstars in the known universe, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be along for the ride as we announce her sophomore album Sucker as our first full-length release through Neon Gold / Atlantic. And with this news comes a massive exclamation point in the form of lead single “Break the Rules”, incontrovertible evidence that Charli’s not only closing out 2014 as The Year of XCX but staking serious claim to 2015 too.

“Break the Rules” starts hard, fuzzed, halfway through a three-day bender; Charli works a lo-fi Liz Phair swagger over a revving, shit-hot bassline, which pulls back suddenly to let the track go transcendent for one of the best (and most timely) hooks of the year: I don’t want to go to school / I just want to break the rules. The synth builds – hysterical and ecstatic – under the gravity of the refrain, and where a lesser song might take the easy way out with an EDM drop, the song’s universe shatters in a different way as it takes flight on a wordless refrain that’s one of the sharpest hooks you’ll encounter all year. The song builds and builds until the grand finale, as Charli takes us out on her original tip: all motorcycles and leather, a na-na-na-na-na riff tossed over her shoulder as she rides off into the sunset.

It’s all the insouciance and effortless pop savvy you’ve come to expect from your favorite emerging pop star, mapped onto a genre-straddling announcement that she’s about to turn her game up HARD. Sucker‘s out October 21st so there’s no time to be wasted; fuck off school and stream the biggest anthem of the fall below.


The artist formerly known as Bluebell scaled “Normal Heights” in an exquisite single bound on her 2011 debut single, before stepping away from the spotlight in the months that followed. But returning at last to the limelight under her own name this week, Annabel Jones manages to match every bit of the enchanting majesty of “Heights” on long-awaited follow-up “Magnetic”. The track is exactly that, drawing you in with a serpentine topline and effortlessly cinematic songwriting, as Jones strings her words out like pulsing fairy lights over a spiraling electronic beat. Let go below.


Polarsets have been near and dear to our hearts since we brought their debut single into the world many moons ago, and today they return to the fold with one of their finest offerings to date. On “Parasols”, the Newcastle four-breeze in like a breath of fresh caipirinha air, their hot tropic electronic pop fine tuned to falsetto perfection like St. Lucia on a helium trip. “Parasols” is available immediately as part of 3 free tracks that you get when you pre-order their debut album on iTunes, out September 21st. Hold tight and cannonball into the exclusive premiere below.


We first introduced you to Brighton’s own David Harks on these very pages a few months back, and today he’s back with the third offering in his ongoing summer single series. It’s called “Open Arms” and it’s armed to the teeth with balearic bounce, steel drum taps, and features a decade old Cayman Island preacherman sample running throughout… Imagine St. Lucia taking Disclosure‘s “Fire Starts To Burn” on a much-needed tropical vacation, with a bit of Duke Dumont‘s “I Got U” in the mix for good measure. It’s without a doubt Harks’ finest offering to date, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere for you to wade into below.


Summertime isn’t summertime without Goldroom in the mix, and today he follows up his genius premix endeavor with a brand new single to carry you right on through fall. “Till Sunrise” marks his first offering since “Embrace” set the world ablaze last winter, but “Sunrise” finds Goldroom in classic form, an ethereal daydream of endless youth that hits you in waves without ever really receding. Let it wash over you below.