Noah Breakfast has been hard at work in the lab of late, lending his golden touch to the forthcoming Wet and George Maple albums on top of a lofty resume that already includes esteemed cuts with Ellie Goulding, Big Sean and more. And while he’s been quiet on the remix front for a minute now, he makes a welcome return to the frontlines today with a blissed-out take on Shy Girls and Tei Shi‘s “Arrest Me”. All dressed up in a comet shower of glittering synths and slow magic production, Noah’s remix swells and swirls into a sweltering summer night mood piece, a sleeveless boy-girl duet that couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Feel the heat below.


Photocomfort is a new art-pop trio from New England arriving fresh on the scene today with a strong head of steam and your heartstrings in a vice grip. Debut single “Not Love” shines as a seething anti-love song that longs to linger, a real talk anthem of epic proportions and a bold first offering from the Massachusetts three piece. As the glitchy electronics wake you up and blur your senses, the blacklight synths and high-gloss melodies go deep and flood you with darkness and doubt as an avalanche of guitars crash down with the weight of the world on the chorus. “Not Love” is about as impressive as debut offerings get, so get familiar below and keep an eye out for Photocomfort making their way to a Neon Gold stage near you soon.


LA sibling duo XYLØ has been rapidly rising the ranks of west coast alt pop hopefuls since first arriving on the scene with debut single “America” and follow up offering “Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea” and today, their first remix arrives courtesy of BECOME. Hot on the heels of a knockout remix for Elohim, BECOME lays the original back into a glitched-out desert storm anthem that plays like the black sheep lovechild of and MIA, rebel flag and all. Get down below.


Our favorite partners in crime MS MR set the internet ablaze with their comeback single “Painted” and its accompanying Kubrickian trip-out video earlier this spring, and after keeping the bar high with follow up offerings “Wrong Victory” and “How Does It Feel“, they return today with the campaign’s second proper single on “Criminals”. With all the dark paradise escapism we’ve come to expect from the duo, it’s a next gen Bonnie & Clyde masterpiece, or as Zane Lowe put it best premiering it on Beats 1 earlier this week, “the pop smash MS MR have always been threatening to make”. Perhaps the biggest radio moment off their forthcoming new album – which is saying something given the continued ascent of “Painted” on the alt radio charts – it’s yet another reason to get your preorder in for How Does It Feel ASAP ahead of it’s release NEXT WEEK.


Cleopold is about to go supernova. The Australian crooner first graced our radar with a star-making guest turn on Miami Horror‘s “Colours In The Sky”, a Neon Gold classic from a few years back. We knew it was only a matter of time until he made a name for himself with his own material, but even we weren’t even ready for “Down In Flames”. The second release on Chet Faker‘s own Detail Co. imprint, it has all the makings of a Future Classic future classic, as the soul-piercing melodies and downward spiral synths fall to earth somewhere between Flume‘s iconic Disclosure remix and Faker’s own brooding output. Get familiar below.


There’s a new Swedish belle that’s been making waves beyond Scandinavian shores of late and she goes by LEÓN. The Stockholm chanteuse makes her ocean-parting debut loud and clear with “Tired of Talking”, as LÉON’s crystal ball vocals clear the way for an unrelenting bassline that just doesn’t quit, and a sky-scraping chorus that opens up a floodgate of possibilities. Splicing together the emotive picked guitars of Mapei and the precocious lionheart of Ryn Weaver or Seinabo Sey, LEÓN spins a yarn well wise beyond her years into a precious piece of soul-powered pop. Tally it all up and you’ve got a picture-perfect summer debut, get involved below.


We’ve been crazy in love with Scandinavian pop for as long as we can remember, and Denmark’s CHINAH add a little more fuel to the fire today as they step out with their debut single “Away From Me”. Channeling the most intimate moments of Wet and all the atmospheric bliss of Shura, the Copenhagen trio making a stunning first impression with a meticulous slow-burner that wipes away your tears and blankets your emotions under iced-up synths and delicate guitar touches. Keep an eye out for their forthcoming debut EP and don’t be surprised if they find their way to a Neon Gold stage near you soon.


Gordi is a rising Sydney chanteuse starting to make waves Down Under. With a consistent output spanning her early demos recorded in her university dorm room up through debut singles “Taken Blame” and “Nothing’s As It Seems”, it’s her latest offering “Work It Out” that just might be her strongest yet, a heartbreaking folk song with an electronic pulse. As the organic acoustics and persistent percussive beat swirl together with Gordi’s love-worn vocals, it possesses all the weathered fragility of Angel Olsen crossed with the raw passion of HAIM. Exclusive premiere below.


Since it’s international Top 10 debut in this spring, FROOT has endured as one of the year’s left-field pop triumphs, and this fall Marina & The Diamonds returns to the states on her biggest tour to date when Neon Nature hits US shores in October. To celebrate, Los Angeles bratpop upstarts HOLYCHILD have come correct on the remix package, swinging for the fences with a chop-pop triumph on only their second remix offering ever. As the lucid dream sets in, the heavenly harps and buoyant production set the scene for the vocals to go full technicolor in the chorus, as HOLYCHILD deliver a startlingly good re-imagination of the FROOT standout and a damn fine addition to Marina’s increasingly impressive remix oeuvre. “Blue” yourself below.


In the ultimate Down Under double down, Gypsy & The Cat and our new live heroes, Client Liaison, have joined forces on their debut collaboration in the form of “Evolution”. Taking the best parts of both groups, the track is peak ’80s bliss, springing forward with all the sunny side up synths and glimmering gold coast melodies we’ve come to expect from the two luminaries. In true form, it sounds like a lost Empire of the Sun gem that’s been dusted off and thrust upwards into the world with all the triumphant fervor of the Lion King. Everything the light touches is yours.