There’s a new diamond in this New York rough, and she goes by the name of Halona King. With a debut EP fully loaded with the virtuoso production handiwork of MS MR‘s very own Max Hershenow (that’s MR to you), Halona knocks it out of the park on her first at bat with this darkly decadent collection of haunting torchsongs. “War Ground” is the real show-stopper of the bunch, with a spine-tingling piano lead that recalls Sia‘s “Breathe Me” running throughout as King showcases an elegantly restless voice that treads a delicate line between the powerhouse vocals of Adele and Alabama Shakes‘ Brittany Howard. A diamond in the rough indeed, watch. this. space.

[ngrpostplayer title=”WAR GROUND – HALONA KING” link=”http://neongoldrecords.com/blog/jams/halonaking_warground.mp3″ download=”http://neongoldrecords.com/blog/jams/halonaking_warground.mp3″]

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