After going two-for-two on their debut single couplet “Alice” and “Bones & Glory“, faceless UK mysterios Mononoke return for the trifecta today with third single in “Barefoot & Broken”. All stitched together with meticulous care, the enchanting wonderland vocals and smoothing menthol synths go together like kings and queens in a slow-burning chateau. The accompanying video treatment is just as stunningly epic, generously sampling Hanna as she turns to the wild, tripping through nature in the process. Keep up with the mystery of Mononoke, e(xc)lusive premiere above and below.


Cheerleader are a new Philly five-piece set to take your whole summer over with debut single proper “Perfect Vision”, as they swing for the fences on their biggest track to date. Bursting hard out the gates on the anthemic bounce of a strummed acoustic guitar melody straight out of Dr. Luke’s book of solid gold hits, it’s got all the carefree ebullience of “Last Friday Night” as seen through a Wavvey lo-fi filter, as hushed singalong vocals and halcyon daze atmospherics submerge you in a neverending dream sequence. “Perfect Vision” is out on limited edition vinyl June 10th via our heroes at Young & Lost in the UK and Bright Antenna in the States.


The boys in Brett are back. DC’s most cherished partystarters return with a brand new single in the form of “Golden” today and it’s exactly that. Coming across like the fabled fusion of Empire of the Sun and Passion Pit, it drips with a resplendent ‘80s glamor as sunkissed synths cross paths with sky-scraping vocals just beyond the haze of a vintage smoke machine dream. Brett’s self-titled debut longplayer arrives May 20th through our friends at Cascine, exclusive premiere below.


Cold Clinical Love are a new thing we know little about beyond their supposed homeland of the Åland Islands in Finland. But what they lack in cold hard facts, they ably make up for in tropical pop atmospherics and sun-tousled vocals, which they dole out in spades over clinical electronic beats. Following on from last year’s debut single, “Bob Dylan”, they serve up a lush heartbreaker on sophomore offering, “Creepers”. Coming correct with a mellow instrumental built around samples of the Kid Cudi track of the same name, the international mystery kids slow the roll of the original and deliver a casually anthemic rework that we imagine even Cud himself would be pleased with. Whoever Cold Clinical Love are, they’ve got this thing on lock. See for yourself below.


There’s a new bicoastal trio buzzing about by the name of DESSERT, and they’re god damn delicious. Off to a promising start with early singles “You’re Welcome” and “Lovelink”, they deliver the icing on the cake with their latest offering, “Player”. Bathed in mystery and swarths of electronics, the three-piece cast a sugar-sweet spell on your senses with their snap crackle and pop swagger, as fragile-but-firm vocals, layer cake synths and smoke-and-mirrors guitars come together in blissful matrimony. All sleepy smiles and puppy dog eyes, it’s like a Sleigh Bells slumber party on a sugar high, and that’s a pretty great thing. Trust.


While we were desert-storming our way through Coachella last weekend, the one and only Charli XCX returned to unveil the massive lead single off her sophomore LP, “Boom Clap”, a white-hot halogen anthem that scorches the atmosphere and burns holes through your heart like a dazzling comet of teen dream bliss. And as arguably Charli’s best and brightest pop offering to date, the track looks primed for big things when it arrives as the centerpiece of The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack next month. And with “Boom Clap” arriving hot on the heels of her chart-storming feature on Iggy Azalea‘s “Fancy” – which is quickly establishing itself as a bona fide global smash with its Top 5 debut in the UK last week and Top 40 debut in the US yesterday – Charli looks set to take your whole summer over before you even know what’s happening. Preorder the rather brilliant Fault In Our Stars soundtrack now and cop an instant download of “Boom Clap” today, then thank us later.



There’s a new heiress to the Gotham pop throne on the scene, and she goes by the name of Halsey. Hailing from our concrete backyard of New York City, Halsey (neé Ashley Frangipane) dropped her debut single “Ghost” earlier this year, and while it took a minute to make its way to us, the wait was decidedly worth it. It’s iridescent nylon pop at its most haunting, as masochistic CHVRCHES synths lay the foundation for the 19 year-old’s soul-searing vocals to take center stage, like a teen dream Ellie Goulding with all the adolescent swagger of Lorde. Get familiar below, and keep an eye out for her making her way to a Neon Gold stage near you soon.


FMLYBND have been making a name for themselves around LA with their arena-sized electronic dream pop for a minute now, and next week bring their sights and sounds to the Neon Gold stage for the first time as they support Tove Lo‘s Popshop West debut alongside fellow LA upstarts BEGINNERS. And with FMLYBND’s M83-sized sound and stage set up, plus BEGINNER’s endless supply of radio-ready alt pop hooks, this is one Popshop you’re going to want to come early and stay late for. And with tickets going real fast we’d be surprised if this one didn’t sell out in advance, so cop your tickets now HERE before it’s too late.


Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Wolf Gang is back. It’s been a long journey from The Gang’s 2009 debut single on Neon Gold to their stunning debut full-length Suego Faults through the completion of their sophomore album, but today marks the dawn of a new era with the arrival of the Black River EP, as their second record crests over the horizon in the distance. And the title track lead single doesn’t disappoint, all supercharged synths, throttling basslines and fully adrenalized vocals, an uplifting modern rock anthem set against a dreamscape backdrop. Think David Bowie covering Arcade Fire’s “Black Mirror”, backed by the endless uplift of a Mumford & Sons brass section. So yeah, big.


After our Tove Lo live trifecta hits NYC, Brooklyn and LA later this month, we’re keeping things rolling into May with one of our favorite triple threat Popshop bills of the year. Up first we’ve got Australia’s Elizabeth Rose making her Popshop debut, before the M o t h e r we share kick things into high gear in the direct support slot. And while we’re not at liberty to disclose the identity of the main event headliner justttt yet, you can rest assured you’re not gonna wanna miss them once we do.

Presented in conjunction with our friends at Governors Ball as yet another official early bird pre-party ahead of the festival in June, it’s the perfect way to kickstart your summer and whet your appetite for festival season. It’s all going down May 8th at The Westway, and you can get involved with $12 advance tix now HERE. Don’t delay though, as tickets aren’t likely to last long once we pull the curtain back on our special guests. Consider this fair warning.